Dear America: Look What Sad Little CNN Did To Live Feed During Trump Speech

Published on February 2, 2018

Isn’t this exactly what Trump said they keep doing during his speeches?

It’s not just the news they report that matters, but the news they refuse to report, too.

How many times have we seen President Trump pointed to the back of the room to tell us that the red lights on the cameras are starting to switch off?

And it “happened” to them again during Trump’s speech at the GOP retreat.

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Listen carefully. Do you hear someone say ‘shut it down’ just before they panned out and back and the screen went dark?

Did you happen to notice the graphic on the test pattern that came up at the end? CNN DC4 Ka/KulP?

“America first”. A voice is then heard saying “shut it down, shut it down.”
The screen fades to black before a test bar appears with an audible tone along with “CNN DC4 Ka/KulP”. The screen then shows a Washington Post watermark and the feed never returns.

“Donald Trump was giving a speech at the RNC and the live feed was shut down! Shut it down shut it down Was Heard!” complained one viewer.
“Ok, WTF….They say “Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down” Right before they cut the live feed EVERYWHERE,” added another.
“Not even hiding it,” asserted another.
Source: Protothema

We’ve seen stories like this before from CNN, haven’t we?

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HEY CNN: Why Do Your ‘Technical Difficulties’ Keep Cutting Off CONSERVATIVE Ideas?

What Jim Acosta, Rachel Maddow and the Rest of The Media (D) STILL haven’t figured out yet is why we call them ‘Fake News’.

Let’s spell it out for them. In a shirt.

Because you know they won’t be able to figure it out on their own.

JOUR-NAL-IST: A Professional Liar For Liberal Causes

There’s a ladies’ version

And a men’s version

The problem isn’t just the lies they tell…

It’s the truth they DON’T tell…

And the opinions laced right through them.

It’s propaganda:

JOUR-NAL-IST: A Professional Liar For Liberal Causes

And the best part? This shirt is made in the USA, printed in the USA, on an American-Made t-shirt press!


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