Melania’s Coat Sends Snowflakes Into A Full-On Hysterical Blizzard!

Written by Doug Giles on June 22, 2018

Was it an unfortunate coincidence? Was she trolling the Left? Or is she really that heartless and insensitive?

Of course, the pundits on the Left rushed to that third option.

The big story of the week was IG Report, and follow-up Congressional hearings which shed new light proving beyond reasonable doubt the weaponization of ICE against Republicans, and the willful protection of Hillary in the process.

But that’s not the story that’s dominating the headlines. Instead, we’re all reacting to the Immigrant’s children story whose pedigree can be traced back to a single tweet by an Obama flunkie just days before the IG Report was released.

It showed an Obama-era picture of kids in cages, but that’s not the real story. The real story, obviously is Republicans are Evil, and Democrats are the saviors riding in wearing the White Hats.

Saviors? Maybe the way that Negan was a ‘Saviour’ in The Walking Dead. But not in the sense of doing any real good.

That story just overlapped with another story the Left loves to tell.

The ‘here’s what we don’t like about what Melania’s wearing’ story. You will remember the uproar about her wearing high heels onto the plane when she was going to visit flood damage in Houston?

The visit wasn’t the news. Her shoes were. How dare she wear heels!

They scrutinize and criticize the Trump ladies’ outfits in a way they never ONCE criticized the ill-fitting and sometimes even frumpy dresses Michelle wore or the ever-present pantsuit that shameless sycophantic fashionista mags tried to set up as the ‘fashion trend’ of the 2016 election year.

Meanwhile, other celebrities and wives-of-state (is that what you’d call them?) have actually emulated the FLOTUS 45’s personal style.

Melania made a personal statement about the outrage du jour, voicing her discomfort with the situation where parents and children are separated. She also paid a visit.

What did she do that got everyone upset THIS time? She wore a $39 Zara jacket on the plane. (For the record, she didn’t wear it on the visit itself.)

Naturally, people assumed the worst.

Was there a hidden message in wearing that $39 dollar jacket with the message?

Was she trolling somebody?

Is she mocking the pain of the parents and children?

Trump had something to say about it:

Some things to consider:
1) Statement jackets are ‘in’ right now.

2) The woman in the photo holding the hood so we can read the message on the back appears to be someone other than Melania. Which would suggest it was an ‘off the rack’ message printed long before this week’s news insanity ever reared it’s head.

3) With anyone connected to Trump, the Media salivates over the worst possible explanation, and then — only if forced to — they back off from it.

Have we forgotten so soon that it wasn’t even a month ago the Media(D) were telling all kinds of defamatory conspiracy stories about why she wasn’t being seen in public? Surely it had nothing to do with the kidney surgery she was recovering from!

Is it so very difficult to believe that the words on her jacket were intended for them?

Or that she — like so many other independent-minded women out there — finds a sassy message appealing?

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