Renowned Feminist Camille Paglia Says That Feminism Is The Collapse Of Western Civilization

Written by K. Walker on October 12, 2018

If everything that a woman says is Gospel Truth, what are feminists going to do with this?

Feminism has turned a corner and shunned what it used to be about — equality and freedom for women — into a lust for power, a hatred of men, and overturning social norms while ranking people’s status according to their identity traits.

So, the new ‘intersectional’ feminist crowd will try to write off this great thinker as a ‘white’ woman. Not so fast. Camille Paglia identifies as transgender and says that it is the ‘primary source’ of her thinking about gender, though she is skeptical about the ‘transgender wave’ that is causing a cultural shift. She also uses female pronouns — the horror. #It’sComplicated

Camille Paglia is a free speech advocate and a feminist thinker like no other.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a Paglia fangirl. If you don’t know who she is, here is a list of reasons why she’s a woman that I admire. It goes without saying that I don’t agree 100 percent with Paglia, but then I’d really have to wonder about myself if I did. Frankly, I cannot think of a single person that I agree with 100 percent, and that’s how it should be — after all, we’re all individuals, right?

Her broad philosophy is the one that I ascribe to — the right of everyone, male or female, to be equal and free.

Paglia’s new book, Provocations: Collected Essays was released this week, and The Drudge Report posted a video of her in 2016 explaining how feminism is the collapse of Western Civilization.

In it, Paglia discusses that the high watermark of feminism is long behind us and she hit a wall of ‘closed minds’ in the 1960s:

The period of the 1920s, 1930s: that to me is my favorite period in feminism because these women admired what men had done. There was no male bashing as became systemic to Second Wave feminism. It’s an absolute poison that has spread worldwide.

A feminism based on denigrating men, trivializing what men have done, defining men as oppressors and tyrants through history it is an absolute lie. There have been crimes against women, where they have occurred we must condemn them, but Men throughout history have given their lives and their labor in support of women and children. So this is an element in second wave feminism that, to me, is an extrapolation of neuroticism on the part of these fanatics that have been attracted to this movement.

If that wasn’t enough — Paglia goes on to discuss that BIOLOGY MATTERS and that there are real sex differences between men and women. Then, she goes for the jugular: we need hard knowledge, especially of history. We also need to study religion and a ‘cosmic perspective’ in order to understand meaning in life. One of my favorite parts is where she likens modern feminism to the Spanish Inquisition.

It. Is. Beautiful.

Paglia is a rather rapid speaker, so watch as the truth-bombs go off a mile a minute:

Today, we have ‘narcissistic’ feminists, living in the most free and modern society, that have turned feminism into a ‘new religion’ with some rather bizarre mantras:

Feminists these days are literally beyond parody.

Maybe they should be listening to reasonable women like Camille Paglia a little more.

But then, feminists are pretty good at ignoring women that they don’t like.

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