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WATCH: Dem Darling, Linda Sarsour, Blows Off BLM And Feminism While Speaking To Muslim Crowd

“If you woke up this morning, and you are breathing, and you are Muslim, (then) you are political.”

Are you paying attention, Intersectional interest groups? Some of you are already starting to lose your ‘favored’ status among the activists.

Check out her speech and decide for yourself whether she’s not already looking at Feminism and BLM through her rear-view mirror. Strange how such a prominent “Women’s March” organizer can slot feminism as a secondary political priority to her religious views.

Although the connections between the Women’s March and people like Louis Farrakhan, or a wanted cop-killer make much more sense now. And frankly, so does Sarsour’s horrificly insensitive statement about the genitals of an anti-Islamic activist who personally suffered Female Genital Mutilation.

It looks like Women’s Rights were just a vehicle with which to push a broader Leftist Agenda. When they find a more useful vehicle, they’ll abandon it and move to the new one.

Linda Sarsour seems to be a little ahead of the curve on that ‘move to the next one’ process. The quote we’re about to hear, we remind you, is from the same woman who once famously said on video:

“When I wasn’t wearing hijab I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” It would seem, then, that Sarsour effectively considers herself white, but believes herself to be persecuted because of her religion. She is aware, in other words, that she is not a person of color. — Source: Times of Israel

Political opportunism on the Left, you say?

Well, gawrsh. Say it isn’t so.

Here she is speaking to an audience in Sacramento, trying to explicitly politicize a mosque where — by her own words, at least some of the Muslims there have expressed zero interest in becoming ‘Activists’.

She declares, angry that the President had declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, ‘Jerusalem is, and will always be, the Capital of Palestine’.

Well, she stops short of (explicitly) invoking the Hamas’ Charter pledge to drive the Jews into the Sea, so there’s that.

Blah blah blah, Trump fascists…

Blah, blah blah, a lot of Muslim community centers have people tell me ‘I’m not political’. She answered that objection by giving the quote with this story began.

But then she gets to the things that would send some real shockwaves through the Intersectional ‘Community’.

She feels like she got cheated out of the real Islamic education in her childhood. She never learned, for instance, that…

“My beloved Prophet Mohammed was an activist. He was a human rights activist. We don’t need a worker’s rights movement, or an environmental justice movement, we don’t even need a Black Lives Matter movement because our religion… blah blah blah… Our religion has always been anti-racist, feminist and empowering religion. I don’t need people in the West or people in Europe or people in the United States of America to teach me what Feminism is.

Right. She has Sharia Law for that.

Under Sharia, a woman’s testimony in court is worth half that of a man’s. Where husbands can ‘lightly beat’ their wives.

Under Sharia, Islamic Scholars teaching in Universities even today praise the moral practice of selling women into sexual slavery.
WATCH: Cleric DEFINES Which Women Can Be RAPED By Their Religious Adherents

Under Sharia, a woman who’s been raped can be stoned for having committed ‘adultery’.

Under Sharia, a homosexual faces execution.

Under Sharia’s Dhimmitude laws, certain non-Muslims are ‘permitted’ to either convert or pay an enormous tax penalty (Jizya) for the ‘privilege’ of being permitted to retain their religion. Others, historically, were simply enslaved and had their goods confiscated by the Muslims.

If Islam’s vision of the future is taking hold of the wheel behind the Left’s big happy ‘Intersectional Bus’, how do you suppose the Gender-fluid crowd will feel about it? What about Catholic Latinos, or Black Baptists? How will the blue-collar Union worker feel to know his interests only matter so much as they align with Islam’s interests?

What about traditional Feminist activists, or even run-of-the-mill Atheists?

If the political winds take the usual pattern, all of those groups can get either with the new program … or they can all pound sand. In the latter case, they’d better get used to being called ‘Islamophobes’ like the rest of us.

I’d be a damn shame if the true face of this Democrat darling and Women’s March organizer went viral, now wouldn’t it?

We might even want to come back to this quote from time to time during the Democrat Primaries and ask where they stand on Sarsour’s position that Workers’ Rights, and Environmental Justice, BLM and Feminism are all secondary to the will of her beloved Prophet.

Islam DOES mean ‘submission’… right?

She may be surprised to learn that not everyone in America is quite ready to bow that knee.

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Wes Walker

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