CLASH QUIZ: How Many Americans Support Fetal Heartbeat Laws … 43%, 55%, or 61%?

Written by Wes Walker on May 17, 2019

Here’s some bad news for the stalwart defenders of Planned Parenthood’s mission of murder… it’s not so popular as they’d have us believe. And we’ve got a poll to prove it.

The Culture war is heating up and, despite all their influence, Hollywood is NOT on the winning side.

Red and Blue states are taking their respective stands on the abortion question — mostly because Trump appointed a second justice to SCOTUS, and whether Roe v. Wade will stand a challenge is now an open question.

Panicking, Blue States have suddenly rediscovered the principle of ‘States Rights’, and started getting ahead of any changes, radically altering abortion laws within their own states. But when Red states do the same thing, the Blue States forget all about Federalism and whip up the outrage machine.

We can probably thank Governor “KKK/BlackfaceYearbook/Infanticide” Northam for pushing this question into the national conversation and making people think a little more seriously and carefully about the larger question and what limits can and should be drawn.

Do we REALLY want to be on a short list with countries like China and North Korea for the entirely unregulated view of abortion? Only six other countries allow abortion past 24 weeks. And Canada is on that list only because their courts struck down the old law and politicians have been too gutless for three decades to decide what a ‘reasonable’ limit should be.

More than half of registered voters believe that laws banning abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy are not too restrictive, according to a new Hill-HarrisX survey.

The May 10-11 poll found that 21 percent of registered voters said that such abortion bans are “too lenient” while 34 percent said they believe they are “just right.”

Forty-five percent of respondents said they believe the laws are “too restrictive.”

A little quick math on the abacus and we’ve got… FIFTY-FIVE Percent of registered voters who think banning abortion after the baby’s heartbeat can be detected is either ‘about right’ or doesn’t go far enough.

It’s getting harder to make the ‘clump of cells’ argument when medical tech tells us so much more than we used to know about the ‘offspring’ in the womb. [That’s what ‘fetus’ means in English if you didn’t know.]

No wonder they’re squealing like a stuck pig over this issue.

Planned Parenthood stands to lose a lot of their baby-parts money if there’s an upper-limit on how old that aborted child can be.

And without Planned Parenthood money, how can these Democrats expect to win some of these close races? Governor Blackface Northam himself had two or three MILLION dollars pumped in to his campaign by Planned Parenthood.

Does anyone seriously think that WASN’T a business decision?

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