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WATCH: Did Cuomo’s Hit Piece On Trump Boomerang & Throw Biden/Obama Under The Bus?

The Media(D) had some setbacks this week, but Fredo really thought — this time — a ‘whistleblower’ story had Trump dead to rights.

As you could see in this shortened summary of the show, things got really heated between Rudy Guiliani and Fredo Cuomo. They traded shots

But IN that exchange with Guiliani, he hoped to take that Whistleblower story, connect it to Trump, and suggest that there is some kind of corrupt quid pro quo there.

What what he did in the PROCESS of trying to dunk on Trump was to raise old issues the press had quietly ignored back in May. Issues about possible corruption in Biden’s own family. The same sort of pay-for-play accusation that has dogged the Clinton Foundation for years. (Like that half-million-dollar speaking fee Bill got from Russia while his wife held a powerful government position.)

It’s not a single occurrence, either. First, the phone call that Biden was trying to get Guiliani to admit to involved a very public boast on Joe Biden’s part. When Biden openly bragged that unless Ukraine fires the guy prosecuting a corruption case there (into a company Biden’s son Hunter had connections with) Ukraine would NOT get Billion-dollar loan guarantees. Biden bragged that the official investigating it was fired that same day.

That looks an awful lot like influence peddling. That looks an awful lot like obstruction of justice.

And yet — somehow — nobody in the Partisan Press took anything more than a passing interest in it.

Hunter was also involved in a Billion-dollar China deal, at a time when Joe Biden was negotiating policy with them.

You might think that a Media that wanted to invoke the Emoluments Clause over hotel room rental might take more than a passing interest in a billion-dollar business deal with foreign states. The story bloomed and died over a couple of days in May.

How did Biden respond?

“Not one single credible outlet has given any credibility to his assertion,” Biden said Friday. “Not one single one, and so I have no comment except the President should start to be president.” – CNN

Fact Check… false.

A lot of outlts briefly chased that story. And they would have doggedly chased it, too…. well, they might if it weren’t for that pesky (D) after his name.

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