Minnesota AG Keith Ellison: Freedom From Discrimination OVERRIDES Freedoms Of Speech And Religion

Written by K. Walker on October 7, 2019

Remember Keith Ellison? He’s the DNC’s former #2 Guy who not only faced ‘credible allegations’ of physically abusing his girlfriend but had ugly ties with Nation of Islam, too.

Now he’s suddenly VERY interested in a certain variety of rights. We’ve got a State AG who’s openly challenging the basic tenets of the First Amendment. How crazy is that?

For those who have forgotten his name, THIS is the Keith Ellison we are talking about:

By most accounts, this race should be a gimme for Ellison, who gained national attention as the first Muslim member of Congress and had a good shot at becoming DNC chairman during the 2017 election before he was appointed the party’s deputy chair. Wardlow, by contrast, is a soft-spoken pro-Trump Republican in a blue state whom most Minnesotans have never heard of.

But allegations of physical and emotional abuse levied by Ellison’s ex-girlfriend over the summer turned the race into a fight. A MPR News/Star Tribune Minnesota poll conducted between Oct. 15 and 17 showed Ellison trailing by 7 points, though 56 percent of respondents didn’t know who Wardlow was. Those results reflected a sharp turn from September, when a poll by the same news outlets had Ellison ahead by 5 points.
Source: Politico

Suddenly this guy is VERY interested in the rights of an individual, is he? Color us skeptical.

He’s drawing a line in the sand. Americans should not REALLY get to be governed by their conscience. The government should be able to govern their speech and conduct.

For the greater good, of course.

He reacted to a ruling about people with religious convictions using their artistic talents (in this case, Christian videographers) in support of projects that conflicted with their moral and religious convictions.

“Business owners’ free speech and beliefs are already fully protected under the First Amendment. What they want is a license to discriminate against LGBTQ folks,” Ellison wrote. “People have the right to believe whatever they want to believe. What they don’t have is the right to deny you the same service they’re offering to everyone else. No Minnesotan should be afraid that might happen to them.”

The “right to be free from discrimination in public” trumps the freedom of conscience, according to Ellison, who promised to take the case back to the federal district court. He could appeal the case to the Supreme Court, “but the current makeup of that court means we’re not likely to win,” Ellison noted.
Source: WashingtonTimes

He cares deeply, one might assume, about individual rights, and people NOT being mistreated. In particular, LGBT. How seriously should we take this guy’s ‘concern’ for human rights and fair conduct? And will he be JUST as dogged in his opposition to anyone from a Muslim — or another religious persuasion — similarly refusing to participate in an event that offends their moral convictions?

Long after he claimed to have cut ties with Louis Farrakhan — who publicly called Jews ‘termites’ — he was shown to be STILL meeting with him privately.

But Jeryl Bier writes at The Wall Street Journal that in 2013 and 2016 Ellison met with Farrakhan, Keith Ellison, Louis Farrakhan and Iran

In September 2013, however, Messrs. Ellison and Farrakhan dined together. The occasion was a visit by Iran’s newly elected President Hassan Rouhani to the United Nations. Mr. Rouhani invited Muslim leaders from around the U.S. to dinner after addressing the U.N. General Assembly. Contemporaneous news reports placed Mr. Farrakhan at the dinner. Unreported by mainstream outlets was the presence of Mr. Ellison, along with Reps. Gregory Meeks of New York and Andre Carson of Indiana. (All three are Democrats; Messrs. Ellison and Carson are Muslim.)

The Nation of Islam website documents the event, noting that Mr. Rouhani “hosted the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Muslim leaders from different Islamic communities and members of the U.S. Congress at a private meeting . . . at the One UN Hotel in Manhattan Sept. 24, 2013 across the street from the UN headquarters.” The Final Call, a Nation of Islam publication, added that “ Keith Ellison of Minnesota . . . participated in the dialogue” after dinner and includes photos of Messrs. Farrakhan and Ellison at the tables. The Michigan-based Islamic House of Wisdom also reported on the meeting, with additional photos.

According to Mr. Farrakhan, the 2013 meeting was not the last time he and Mr. Ellison were together. After Mr. Ellison renewed his denunciation of Mr. Farrakhan in 2016, Mr. Farrakhan stated in an interview that Reps. Ellison and Carson had visited him in his Washington hotel suite the preceding summer.

When it comes to Keith Ellison and Farrakhan, once an addict, always an addict.

It won’t keep him from a Democrat leadership position, though. Knowing his Farrakhan addiction, Democrats still rally around him.
Source: Legal Insurrection

The answers he has given to explain it aren’t very compelling.

Ellison has publicly responded to questions about one of those meetings — a private dinner for American Muslim leaders hosted by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in 2013 revealed by the Wall Street Journal on Friday — but his office declined to return a phone call and multiple emails from TheDC regarding the other two meetings.

Johari Abdul-Malik, then director at Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia, uploaded a YouTube video in 2013 that shows Ellison casually chatting among a crowd of men, including Farrakhan. The video is short — just 28 seconds —- but what it shows is indisputable: Ellison comfortably socializing in the same group as Farrakhan, decades after Ellison supposedly cut ties with him.
Source: Daily Caller

Are we to really believe he’s going to drop the hammer on a Muslim group that refused to bake a gay wedding cake? Or is he specifically singling out Christians for harassment?

We’ve got a State AG who’s openly challenging the basic tenets of the First Amendment.


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