BREAKING: At Least 14 Shot At The Funeral Of A Chicago Shooting Victim

Written by Wes Walker on July 22, 2020

What happens when the bad guys have no zero fear of consequence? They have no restraining impulse on their criminal impulses… and we see news stories like this one.

A funeral is supposed to be a solemn time in which those close to the deceased could make peace with their loss, and mourn in peace.

This funeral of a murder victim had no such opportunities to make peace. They were too busy being shot at by a passing vehicle.

It became the worst mass shooting Chicago has seen since 2013. Considering Chicago’s rough reputation, that’s saying something.

Here is footage from a surveillance camera. If you turn on the sound, you will hear the hail of gunfire. There are several bursts. This clip is just 35 seconds long, but it’s 35 seconds that must surely have changed a great many lives.

Geraldo framed the issue well:

One person of interest was being interviewed by law enforcement, but there are multiple suspects, according to the police.

Chicago Police First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter said a black vehicle approached a funeral home in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood where a memorial service was taking place when those inside the vehicle began firing.

Attendees of the funeral fired back and the vehicle drove away as the occupants continued firing. The vehicle crashed about halfway up the block and the occupants got out and fled in multiple directions, Carter said.

At least 60 shell casings were recovered from the scene.

…Sources told CBS Chicago the shooting was a planned ambush outside the funeral home. The funeral was for Donnie Weathersby, who was shot and killed July 14, CBS Chicago’s Charlie De Mar reports.

Sources told CBS Chicago’s Brad Edwards the police were warned there might be an attack on the funeral service. Carter said a squad car had been assigned to the funeral because of its size. –CBS

Naturally, the usual agitators on the Left think the solution — if there is one — requires something other than a strong police presence.

How much further would this have to devolve, realistically, before Chicago begins to look less like a Metropolitan American City and more like a city carved up by rival warlords or something like what we saw in ‘Black Hawk Down’?