EXCLUSIVE: Here’s What The Media (D) Doesn’t Want You To Know About Gun Sales In Swing States

Written by K. Walker on October 8, 2020

Is the rise in the number of Americans purchasing firearms an indicator that they want safety and security?

It very well could be. And who could really blame them?

At the best of times — and this isn’t to knock law enforcement — when seconds matter, the police are minutes away.

With the rise in the lawlessness of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and the threats by Democrats to “defund” the police and/or “reimagine” policing, more Americans are deciding to exercise their Second Amendment right to protect themselves.

The FBI NICS Firearm Background Check database shows that there has been a significant increase in individuals going through the system to purchase guns since 2019, and it’s very telling in the top swing states.

Here’s the comparison of the number of NICS Background Checks for all of 2019 compared to the 2020 Year-to-Date (YTD) numbers ending September 30, 2020, in the top 6 swing states:


2019 Total: 372,912
2020 YTD: 503,946


2019 Total: 1,195,539
2020 YTD: 1,386,486


2019 Total: 492,171
2020 YTD: 759,448

North Carolina

2019 Total: 530,365
2020 YTD:  643,848


2019 Total: 987,886
2020 YTD: 1,030,898


2019 Total: 435,685
2020 YTD: 525,506

Also of note are these two somewhat less-swingy swing states:


2019 Total:  182,802
2020 YTD:  192,624


2019 Total:  638,495
2020 YTD:  712,176

Remember, the 2020 numbers are only up to the end of September, we’ve still got three more months to go before the end of the year.

Michigan alone has already seen an increase of 50% in background checks and we’re not at the end of the year yet. This could be in part due to the current Covidictator at the helm — Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her systemic abuse of power, but that makes the point very clear that with Democrats in charge, people just don’t feel safe and secure.

We keep hearing how Joe Biden is up in the polls, but how does that square with these numbers?

Voters like Trump’s “law and order” message.

Either these swing-state residents are buying guns because they don’t like the lawlessness that has been either explicitly pushed or tacitly endorsed by Democrats, and are still willing to cast their ballot for Biden…


The polls — which we know were spectacularly accurate in 2016 — aren’t giving the full picture.

That doesn’t mean that we need to sit on our heels, however. That’s what Hillary voters did when she was so far ahead in the polls that they didn’t think that there was a chance that she would lose.

Recognize that it’s still close.

Get out there and cast your ballot for Trump, and encourage others to do that as well.

This really is a consequential election and Americans who are deciding to purchase guns recognize that. Do you want law and order, or lawlessness and anarchy?

Vote accordingly.

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