HEY FEDS: Endless ‘Jan 6’ Investigations Leave A Blindspot … Bombs In Airplanes

Written by Wes Walker on August 9, 2021

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There is irony in people comparing the January 6 Commission to the 9/11 commission — and it all comes back to tunnel vision and blind spots.

Let’s compare the federal response to the January 6th events, to the far less publicized story about federal policy response to an attempt to set off a bomb on an airplane being flown into Chicago. The difference in urgency between the two gives some startling benchmarks for just how politically corrupted our institutions have become.

Al Qaeda Shipped A Bomb To Chicago — threat and response

Remember back in 2010 when Al Qaeda mailed a bomb from Yemen to Chicago? With our federal governmet’s focus in money and man-hours, you might not think we have any foreign threats to consider. The device that converted innocent-seeming ink toners into an in-flight bomb was detected in time to disarm it, but not before it had successfully made several legs of its journey.

Judicial Watch recently published a press release telling us how woefully under-prepared we are for dealing with tactics just like this one, years after the fact.

Here’s the context relevant to our 9/11 comparison…

Created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to protect the nation’s transportation system, the TSA’s transgressions have been well documented over the years. For nearly a decade Judicial Watch has reported extensively—and uncovered records—involving the TSA’s failure to adequately fulfill its mission. This includes missing guns and bombs during covert exercises known as “red team tests,” TSA agents literally sleeping on the job and stealing from passengers, the failure to properly screen luggage and a number of other violations that have risked the nation’s safety. Records obtained by Judicial Watch a few years ago show hundreds of badges that allow agents to access secure areas of airports went missing along with uniforms and other devices used to control entry. In 2018 a bipartisan congressional investigation found that persistent misconduct by TSA managers often goes unpunished and whistleblowers who report it as well as airport safety risks are penalized by senior officials.

Earlier this year a federal audit disclosed that nearly 2 million workers with unescorted access to security restricted areas at airports throughout the U.S. could pose an “insider threat” as the TSA studies how to curb the risk. The agency is supposed to submit a plan to Congress examining the cost and feasibility of enhanced worker screening measures at American airports but apparently cannot handle the task. —JudicialWatch

If you read the rest of the press release, they are not detecting bombs, and part of the reason they are failing to detect bombs is because the agencies aren’t meeting their own screening requirements.

The incident supposedly motivated the DHS agency responsible for securing the nation’s aviation system, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to enhance security but evidently that has not materialized. The threat of explosives making it to the U.S. in air cargo is significant, according to a federal audit that reminds the nation that years after the Chicago-bound explosives from Yemen terrorists shipped partially assembled bomb components from Turkey to Australia with plans to detonate the device on a passenger flight.

…The agency uses X-ray technology, computed tomography (CT), that produces images of parcels to screen air cargo for signs of explosives. Congressional investigators found alarming weaknesses in the TSA’s analysis of the imaging technology, writing in their report that the agency’s assessment “did not fully meet three of five key design and evaluation practices.” —JudicialWatch

That press release is the ‘news’ part of this story. Now let’s change gears to the ‘analysis’ by contrasting the warning in that press release to concerns the current administration considered far more pressing.

Has the Biden administration been beating a drum about protecting us from this treat to America?

No, they haven’t.

But when politicians thought they might be in danger from The People (whether real or imagined), they moved swiftly to protect themselves in a way they did not move to protect any ordinary citizen.

In short order, 26,000 National Guard troops turned DC into a defacto military encampment. Interesting historical fact: something similar happened in Rome, that gave us the phrase ‘crossing of the Rubicon’. Spolier alert, it was a critical domino in the fall of the Republic.

‘Capitol Riot’ January 6 — threat and response

Pelosi, Biden, and the same press who have been so roundly mocked for their ridiculous phrase ‘mostly peaceful protests’ have been cranking up the outrage levels over the events surrounding January 6 up to eleven (and beyond).

Joe Biden and witnesses in the January 6 hearing continue to traffic in misinformation by talking about people killed (especially officer Sicknick) as a result of what’s been dubbed the ‘Capitol Riot’, as though protesters murdered people in cold blood. That is a demonstrable lie.

Sicknick, 42, died the day after responding to the riot, which broke out as lawmakers counted electoral votes to affirm President Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. In the days that followed, news outlets reported the 13-year veteran was beaten with a fire extinguisher, but the medical examiner concluded Sicknick suffered two strokes and that his death was from “natural” causes.

Still, committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, said in his opening remarks that “seven people lost their lives” in the riot. The number would appear to include Sicknick, two officers who died by suicide in the following days, a protester shot by police, two protesters who suffered fatal heart attacks, and another who died of a suspected drug overdose. —WashintonExaminer

The supposed body count of seven victims is often cited in framing of this event as the deadliest attack on the Capitol since, well, whichever context the framer finds most damning for the narrative being presented. Absent proper context, that detail is easily made to sound as if maurauding insurgents murdered their way through the Capitol buildings only to be heroically stopped by the police.

That is precisely the sentiment they WANT the public to come away with.

Naturally, blame is laid at the feet of any combination of the following (choose your favorite villain): Trump personally, elected Republicans presenting objections to the certification while offering a mechanism for authenticating the vote that respects the Constitution and would resolve before the President was due to be seated for the 2021 term, the entire MAGA movement, or a group which is broadly defined as ‘white supremacist’ without those terms having any precise definitions or limiting principle.

As a result we have hundreds of unconvicted people being locked in solitary confinement for months — some of whom have reportedly suffered serious beatings including fractured skulls from prison guards — while awaiting trial. The offenses many of them are facing amount to little more than ‘parading’ charges, which, when you boil it down means trespassing in a federal building. Some aren’t even expected to see a court date until next year.

Seeing reports of entrapment with feds infiltrating a Bible Study and trying to encourage their targets to make molitov cocktails and throw them on disused federal property, and the story about feds being the driving force pushing the supposed plot to kidnap Whitmer raises questions about how much of this is a politically-motivated witchhunt designed to discredit political opponents.

It takes little imagination or historical understanding to notice some very uncomfortable parallels between such tactics (and the rhetoric around the Jan 6 itself) and the manner in which the Reichstag fire was leveraged for justification to discredit political opponents a little less than a century ago to pave one party’s way to unopposed political power.

Are our federal institutions serving the public impartially?

Or have they officially become weaponized into serving the private agenda of a single political party?

Democrats can claim to defend the Republic all they want. But if turns out that they have divided America into categories of ‘friend’ and ‘foe’, and have begun the power of government institutions against the ‘foe’ — they are not protecting the Republic, they are throwing it into a wood chipper and staging a coup of their own.

What makes this duplicity all the more sinsiter is that they would be destroying it under the guise of ‘defending’ it.

And they have the audacity to call us ‘authoritarians’, ‘Nazis’, and ‘fascists’.

Look in a mirror, folks… you won’t like what you see.

No wonder Antifa keeps getting a free pass. Every authoritarian uprising finds a use for violent lawless agitators. It looks like the Dems have adopted one of their own.

Isn’t it interesting, how Antifa and other violent Marxist-left aligned groups are so often ignored by the feds wring their hands about domestic terrorism? What could possibly account for that trend?

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