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Medically-Assisted Death Has Increased So Much In Canada Even JOURNOS Are Noticing

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Canada’s culture of death is making the headlines… and it’s only going to get worse.

There have been several disturbing stories recently about the rapid expansion of medically-assisted death in Canada.

Recently-approved legislation will expand Canada’s Medical Assistance in Death (MAiD) to include children and those with mental health problems.

Canada has seen a dramatic spike in MAiD in recent years, and it’s going to get even worse as restrictions are relaxed to allow more people to apply.

Medically Assisted Death became legal in Canada in 2016. By 2021, the law was amended to allow patients who were not suffering from a terminal illness facing imminent death to apply. New measures to expand MAiD further to the mentally ill and to children will be legal in March 2023.

Tucker Carlson had a segment about the concerning expansion of assisted death in Canada.

“Intolerable Suffering” & Despair

A CTV News article from July tells the story of Tracey Thompson, a 50-something Toronto woman who is applyihg for MAiD because she is suffering from “Long COVID” and no longer able to work. She used to be a chef and beyond her complaints of chronic fatigue and breathing difficulties, she has vision problems and her taste and smell have been altered.

“My choices are basically to die slowly and painfully, or quickly. Those are the options that are left,” Thompson told CTV News, adding, “[MAiD] is exclusively a financial consideration.”

In addition to severe fatigue, Thompson lists a number of symptoms she’s developed from long COVID: she can no longer read books or text longer than a Tweet. Her vision usually begins to blur around sunset.
It’s difficult for her to digest food. Her taste and smell have been altered. Some days, the oxygen exchange in her lungs is compromised, making it difficult to breathe. Scars mark her heart from the swelling she experienced from myocarditis.
A year after Thompson became ill, MAiD legislation was revised in Canada. Before, only those whose natural death was reasonably foreseeable — otherwise known as Track One patients — were eligible to apply for MAiD. For instance, patients with terminal illnesses.
The legislation amended in March 2021 has seen the creation of a Track Two patient. Now, a Canadian enduring an “intolerable” and “irreversible” illness, disease or disability who may not be near the natural end of their lives can qualify for assisted death as well.
Source: CTV News

Scarring on the heart from myocarditis is listed as one of the medical issues listed… that may be relevant in other MAiD requests in the future.

Veterans are being Advised to Kill Themselves

Canada apparently thinks that it’s just easier to advise veterans to kill themselves rather than actually address their health issues.

In August, a veteran came forward and said that he was offered medically assisted death when seeking treatment for his health

This clip from 2018 of Trudeau responding to a veteran asking about support was spread everywhere in Canada.

Interestingly, the Canadian military is facing a recruiting problem. Gee, why could that be?

The Poor, the Homelessness, & the Disabiled are Choosing Death

Amir Farsoud, a 54-year-old Ontario man, has applied for MAiD because he is about to lose his housing and he doesn’t want to be homeless.

Farsoud receives disability support payments from the government due to a severe back injury that has left him unable to work. He currently lives in a rooming house that he shares with two other people and the house is up for sale. He cannot find another place to live that he can afford.

“I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die,” said Farsoud to City News Toronto.

Farsoud is not the only one.

Back in May, the plight of a 31-year-old wheelchair-bound woman who was suffering from allergies in her Toronto apartment and couldn’t afford to move made headlines around the world.

But it’s not just a problem with social assistance for the disabled in Ontario.

A woman in British Columbia has chosen death over poverty and homelessness.

Mental Illness & “Mature Minors”

Canadian journalist Rupa Subramanya wrote a piece on Bari Weiss’s Substack on October 11 titled, “Scheduled to Die: The Rise of Canada’s Assisted Suicide Program” which included a brief history of MAiD and a heartwrenching story about a woman desperate to prevent her 23-year-old depressed, diabetic son who secretly scheduled his assisted death after losing vision in one eye.

Subramanya writes that when the June 2016 law to legalize MAiD was written, one of the requirements to be eligible was that the death of the individual must be proven to be “reasonably foreseeable.” That standard has rapidly disappeared.

In 2017, the first full year in which MAiD, which is administered by provincial governments, was in operation, 2,838 people opted for assisted suicide, according to a government report. By 2021, that figure had jumped to 10,064—accounting for more than 3 percent of all deaths in Canada that year.
There have been a total of 31,664 MAiD deaths and the large majority of those people were 65 to 80 when they died. In 2017, only 34 MAiD deaths were in the 18- to 45-year-old category. In 2018, that figure rose to at least 49. In 2019, it was 103; in 2020,118; and in 2021, 139.
Today, thousands of people who could live for many years are applying—successfully—to kill themselves.
Indeed, in some Canadian provinces nearly 5 percent of deaths are MAiD deaths. In 2021, the province of Quebec reported that 4.7 percent of deaths in the province were due to MAiD; in British Columbia, the number was 4.8 percent. Progressive Vancouver Island is unofficially known as the “assisted-death capital of the world,” doctors told me.

Trudeau’s Liberal government has expanded access to MAiD to include those with a mental illness –including depression — and “mature minors” which is an undefined term that could allow children to apply for assisted death without parental consent.

Next March, the government is scheduled to expand the pool of eligible suicide-seekers to include the mentally ill and “mature minors.” According to Canada’s Department of Justice, parents are generally “entitled to make treatment decisions on their children’s behalf. The mature minor doctrine, however, allows children deemed sufficiently mature to make their own treatment decisions.” (The federal government does not define “mature,” nor does it specify who determines whether one is mature. On top of that, the doctrine varies from one province to another.)
Hugh Scher, an attorney advising Margaret Marsilla, told me: “While other countries have explored extending assisted suicide to minors, those governments have insisted on substantial safeguards, including parental notification and consent. Canada is poised to become the most permissive euthanasia regime in the world, including for minors and people with only psychiatric illness, having already removed the foreseeability of death or terminal illness as an essential condition to access euthanasia or assisted suicide.”
Source: Common Sense


A doctor from the province of Quebec suggested that Canada’s MAiD include infanticide.

In a MAID Special Joint Committee meeting on October 7, Dr. Louis Roy of the Quebec College of Physicians said that babies under 1 with “severe deformations” and “very grave and severe medical syndromes” should be eligible for assisted death since it already includes “persistent and intolerable suffering” for minors.

Isolated & Lonely Seniors

During COVID, a 90-year-old woman chose assisted death rather than face another lockdown.

Canada has a culture of death — it has no restrictions on abortion, and is now just allowing people to kill themselves.

During COVID, seniors taking up much-coveted nursing home beds didn’t get a choice. Preventing family members from coming in to visit allowed the ghouls to facilitate an early death.

This is what single-payer healthcare can do for you!

There were Conservatives out there warning that this would happen and are horrified that it continues to happen.

It’s horrific.

The “Slippery Slope” is very real and Canada is on it.

Don’t let it happen in the United States.

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