HERE’S THE VIDEO: Anti-Hunters Can’t Handle & Don’t Want You To Watch

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AFRICAN HUNTING BAN: Destroys Village’s Livelihood

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HEY CECIL LOVERS: Here’s the Crook Who You’re Appealing To

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CHARGES DROPPED: American Dentist Cleared In #CecilTheLion Drama

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THIS BLONDE’S VIDEO: Will Enrage The #CecilTheLion Ragers

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ANGLER CATCHES & KILLS MASSIVE SHARK: Cue The #Cecil Ragers In 3.. 2.. 1

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THESE AWESOME HUNTING PICS: Are Being Deemed As Evil – What Do You Think?

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FISH FOR DINNER: Watch This Dude Catch A Fish In Middle Of A Flooded Street


DALLAS SAFARI CLUB: Calls for Lifting Air Freight Bans on Hunted Trophies

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GUESS WHO: Who Killed ‘Billy The Blesbok?’


DEAR TREE-HUMPERS: These 7 Famous Conservationists Were Hunters

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TED NUGENT: Responds To Cecil-Lovers…And It Is EPIC

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DEAR PETA: A Ban On Lion Hunting Will Destroy Lions (VIDEO)

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PIERS MORGAN: Says He Wants To Hunt & Kill Controversial Lion Hunter

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DEAR PETA: SAA Just Did Something That You Freaks Won’t Like

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I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S MORE DANGEROUS: Lion Hunting Or The Anti-Hunters

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DEAR PETA FREAKS: The Best Way To Save An Animal Is To Hunt Them

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FORWARD TO PETA: Watch This Jaguar Brutally Kill a Crocodile with ONE Bite

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