Snowflake Says Rightwingers Are SCARIER Than Radical Islam – Bro Slowly Roasts Her Over TRUTH Coals

Written by K. Walker on October 25, 2017

Is this a parody? How can this woman possibly be for real?

Josie Long, a British comedian and Oxford University graduate, says that she’s ‘far more frightened of the far right than I am of Islamic terrorism‘.

She is terrified of the ‘far right’ made up of ‘white men’ that are being ‘radicalized’.

But she doesn’t say much about actual Islamic Terrorism that is on the rise as reported in the UK Mirror in January.

Global terrorism is soaring with the number of attacks increasingly rapidly by more than 25% every year.

Islamic State fighters were responsible for more than a third of the world’s 24,202 deaths from terrorism last year…

…the latest figures suggest ISIS killings outside the Middle East are on the rise – as figures for non-Middle East ISIS attacks in 2015 rose from eight per cent to sixteen per cent the following year.

These figures reflect the number of deaths from ISIS-affiliated attacks across Europe in the past two years.

Source:  Mirror UK

She also mentions Tommy Robinson, the firebrand that has spent time in jail for reporting on the trial of a Muslim rape gang.  He gets attacked walking down the street in Luton.

But he’s the problem.

Don’t think it’s just white men she rails against.

She also takes issue with conservative commentator Katie Hopkins.  You remember Katie, she wrote a blistering piece that triggered a bunch of leftists after the Access Hollywood video was released.

Don’t you find it funny that she’s defending Islam with their atrocious record on women’s rights and saying ‘Not All Muslims’, but is fine to condemn ‘white men’ that don’t believe in unfettered immigration and are concerned abour jihadists?

Maybe she’s cool with being sold as a sex slave, or wearing the ninja dress, or having to get permission from male guardians for most things like medical decisions, or eat in non-segregated restaurants, etc.

This chick has some real issues.

Don’t worry.

Paul Joseph Watson just destroys her nonsense with style — and facts.


You know what, Josie?

Kinda reminds me of someone…

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