Return Of The Hildebeest: Hillary’s Threatening To Run In 2020 After Recent Mueller Probe Indictments

Written by K. Walker on January 28, 2019

Hillary says that she hasn’t ‘closed the door’ on a 2020 Presidential run.

Interesting since even Democrats don’t seem to want her.

A recent New Hampshire poll shows that Democrats said that Sen. Elizabeth Warren(D-MA) or even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(D-NY) better represent the Democratic Party than Hillary does.

In addition, how Democrats view their own party has shifted drastically during the Trump years.  When asked which of three prominent Democrats best represent the Democratic Party of today, just 17 percent of New Hampshire Democrats picked the party’s 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton, while 28 percent picked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a solid 55 percent majority picked Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Source: Inside Sources

Looks like there are some Democrats that want to help her out with that closing the door problem that she has.

How embarrassing it must be for Hillary, the 2016 Democratic nominee, to be less representative of the party than Ms. Occasional Cortex, a novice Congresswoman, who has become a sudden celebrity, keeps saying absolutely asinine things, and is a full-on socialist.

Well, if Hillary ever gets depressed about it, she can go to Rep. Occasional Cortex for some comfort, after all, her previous job was as a bartender. She can find some solace in an Old Hags Cackle Cocktail made with some nice, Russian Vodka. 

Despite all of that, she seems to think that now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indicted Trump associate Roger Stone for witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and making false statements, she has a real chance. After all, in the 2016 post-election assessment, she clearly determined that Russia, and the FBI intereference, and white women, misogyny, and about 41 other things were responsible for her election loss. Why not throw Roger Stone in that list, too?

CNN‘s Jeff Zeleny said Sunday on: ‘Clinton is telling people that she’s not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020.’

‘I’m told by three people that as recently as this week, she was telling people that look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying “Look, I’m not closing the doors to this.”‘

However she has not set up an official campaign and has not said publicly she will run in 2020.

Zelany also said that one of Hillary’s close friends said that they would be ‘surprised’ if Hillary tried for the White House a third time.

Zeleny added: ‘Most losing presidential candidates never totally close the doors to running for president.

‘But I think we have to at least leave our mind open to the possibility that she is still talking about it.

‘She wants to take on Trump. Could she win a Democratic primary to do it? I don’t know the answer to that.’

Source: Daily Mail

If Hillary did run in 2020, it would be a whole different kettle of fish.

There would be scrutiny so that she doesn’t rig the primary against her opponent like she did last time.

She wouldn’t have a friendly DOJ and FBI that would look the other way like she did under Obama. Strzok and Page have been outed, her connection to the Steele dossier could pose a potential threat as it was used to illegally obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Hillary may be considering running again, but before she even gets there, she has to win against a whole cornucopia of candidates in her own party before she can get to the Big Dance against President Trump.

Good luck, Hillary. You’ll need it.

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