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WATCH: Dishonest Dems Blast Trump With Bogus Video Of ‘Dead’ Syrian Child

Look closely and you will see that the child is not quite so dead as she might suggest.

People in the Middle East have long since understood the importance of the information war, and the battle over who gets public sympathy among the foreign press. If the world views you sympathetically, there is that much more pressure put on whoever you are battling against.

Some will make sure that existing tragedies are filmed and broadcast. Others — having no such tragedies close at hand — are more than willing to manufacture such a tragedy to shape the narrative of whatever the local conflict of the day happens to be.

With the recent clashes between Turkey and Syrian Kurds, it shouldn’t surprise us that it might pop up again there.

And so it has. A woman claiming to have come to bury her child, while she wonders whether her husband is dead or alive is holding that ‘dead’ child in her arms.

The camera caught something we weren’t supposed to see: Proof of life.

Alyssa Milano was among the first to do the work of useful idiots — she jumped on it and used her platform to spread the propaganda.

Several Dems jumped on it. Of course they would. It was designed to make Trump look like he had blood on his hands. Among those who jumped on it was Preachy Pete, getting caught buying and promoting the lie.

We haven’t been able to track it down again (yet) but somewhere out there on Twitter we had come across a side-by-side of two different videos with this woman holding her ‘dead’ child in different locations, in which she and the child were wearing the same clothing.

Other fake stories were pushed with the same goal of throwing Trump under the bus.

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