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Sympathy for Sebelius? Defending the Idiotically Indefensible

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Behind-the-Scenes! Obama’s Prop Dept. and Those Fainting Ladies …

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About Those Fainting Barack Obama Fans …

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Uh-Ohh! Next Big Obama Computer Problem???

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Appropriate for the Season: Creepy Future of Obamacare?

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Coming Soon: Obamacare Sticker Shock!


Obamacare vs. Politically Incorrect Shirts


Take the IRS, Mix in a Generous Dose of Obamacare … Get Trouble!

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Take Back the Republican Party! (My Wife’s Great Idea — and I Agree!)


One of Our Veterans’ Thoughts About the Memorial Shutdown

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Huh?? Veterans March That Didn’t Happen?

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Barack Obama’s Government — Harrassing our Brave Veterans

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The Commander-In-Chief’s Attitude About our Military??

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Debating the Meaning of “Non-Essential”

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Ho-Hum — Gov’Mint Shutdown? How Most Americans React …


Shutting Down Our Brave Veterans?

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Ted Cruz in the Land of Elephant-Lemmings

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Elephants as RINOs Who Adore Their Master Harry

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Barack Obama — Champion of the Military? (Stifle Laughter, Please)

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Obama Arming Our Enemies in Syria?

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Ted Cruz: Libs’ Necessary Bugaboo

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Ten Comms., Clintons, Cruz — So Much to Cartoon About, So Little Time


Obama Support for Al Qaeda? What’s THAT All About?

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So, George W. Bush is Stupid? Compared to Whom?


Media Makes the Point: Navy Yard Shooter NOT a Terrorist


American Blood and Treasure for Barack Obama’s Syria Plans


Vigorous Background Check for Snowden?


Barack Obama and the Bully Problem


Under Obama’s ‘New Normal’ Troops Need an Umbrella


Million Muslim March: One Groups Odd Way to Commemorate September 11

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This Just In: ‘Constitutionalist’ CNN Announces Ted Cruz Born in Canada