HIDING HILLARY: Why Crashing At Chelsea’s Just Made MORE Problems For Mom


‘Awesome’ Capitalism Is ALWAYS Poisoned When You Add THIS

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Might Hillary Drop DEAD? VOTERS Have A Right To Demand THIS.

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Where’s Hillary’s Compassion for THIS Group of Persons?

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The Rising Cost of Healthcare Isn’t the ONLY Obamacare Failure

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How the Fight for a Free Market Is Facing ANOTHER Attack

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FYI: Are You OK With The Government Regulating THIS Smoking Device?


Liberal Meme Reveals Just How ILLOGICAL The Left Really Is

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WRECKING BALL: Move Over Miley… Obama Has Been The TRUE Disaster

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This Republican Senator Is ALL IN To Grow Government And Squash Consumers

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On the Pro-Life Warfront Abortion Clinics Are Closing At a RECORD Pace


In Defense Of a Corrupt CEO In The Face of an Overreaching Government

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Could the Zika Virus Open the Door to FORCED Abortions?


HEY, LIBERALS: Right to Healthcare Doesn’t Mean Right to Life

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How Obama Is Using Veterans to Seize Our Guns and Our Rights

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Obamacare IMPLODES In Oregon…Are Taxpayers Getting Their Money Back?

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BACON OR DEMOCRATS: Which One Is Actually More Unhealthy for You?


GAG: U.S. Armed Forces See Increase In This NASTY Trend Following DADT Repeal

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BIG GOVT SUCKS: They’re Now Coming After What You Drink EVERYDAY

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IF ANOREXICS & ‘ZOMBIES’ NEED HELP: Then Shouldn’t Transsexuals?

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SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Obamacare Marketplace’s $4.5 Billion Is Now A Mystery

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THE STATE OF MODERN RESEARCH: We Now Have Smarter Monkeys and Wimpier Men

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TAKE A LOOK AT OREGON: To See How Badly Obamacare Is Collapsing

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