Bill, Bush & Obama LIED About Declaring Jerusalem Capital of Israel – Trump Actually Did It

Written by K. Walker on December 7, 2017

We’re told that any chance for a Middle East Peace Deal is now dead because of Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem. If that’s true, then why did these presidents promise to do the same thing?

President Trump made a promise when he was candidate Trump to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The nay-sayers were wringing their hands that it would be the death-knell for any ‘Middle East Peace Deals’.

Here’s the thing — Donald Trump wasn’t the first Presidential candidate to run on this particular issue.

In 1995, the Republican-led Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Since then, every Presidentdespite campaigning otherwise — has signed a waiver every 6 months to defer enacting this law. Until now.

Former President Bill Clinton made Jerusalem a campaign issue in 1992, attacking then-former President George H.W. Bush for having allegedly “repeatedly challenged Israel’s sovereignty over a united Jerusalem” and vowing to move the embassy during his administration.

Clinton, however, believed moving the embassy and recognizing the capital may derail his many attempts at brokering a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians.

The cycle appeared to repeat itself once again during the 2000 U.S. presidential election when former President George W. Bush castigated Clinton for failing to follow through on his embassy promise and vowing to get the process started in his few months in office. Bush never made a concerted effort towards moving the embassy and became embroiled his own Middle East conflicts.
Source: The Daily Caller

George W. Bush and Barack Obama also promised to move the Embassy to Jerusalem. Barry even went further to include that Jerusalem must remain ‘undivided’.

All three of them wimped out because they wanted to be the hero that would solve the crisis in the Middle East.

But as a wise man *cough* President Trump *cough* has said, ‘While previous Presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver.


Not a one of these former Presidents lifted a finger to move the Embassy even though they promised that they would.

They all cite concern for the ‘peace process’.


In the 22 years since the Act passed in Congress, have Palestinians stopped terror attacks in Israel?

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs says no, as do the headlines.

UK Independent: West Bank attack: Three Israelis stabbed to death amid day of violent clashes

The Times of Israel: 3 Israelis killed, 1 seriously hurt in terror shooting near Jerusalem

ClashDaily: BREAKING: TERRORIST In Truck — Four DEAD, Fifteen Wounded In JERUSALEM (VIDEO)

So, how’s that ‘let’s not get the Palestinians pissed off or they might get violent’ working out for ya?

Not so well.

President Trump is showing how he’s different from politicians — he’s actually doing what he said he’d do.

And just to be clear, the lack of a peace deal isn’t Israel’s fault:

This Arab Muslim that serves in the Israeli Army believes that his country is worth fighting for because of its tolerance and its freedom:

Isn’t that what we all want around the world? Freedom and democracy?

That’s what all the presidential candidates were trying to push when they sided with Israel to get the Jewish votes.

We aren’t surprised that the wussified, truth-allergic Democrats Bill ‘I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, Ms. Lewinsky’ Clinton and Barack ‘If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan’ Obama lied, but Dubya?

Really, GWB — WTF?

Buy it now!

Ladies, get yours here.

The long silence is finally broken! We never expected it would ever happen, let alone like this! His voice was last heard about January of 2009. And from then until now, nary a peep.

Through the entire Obama presidency, not a word.

When Bush got blamed for the economy? Not a word.

When Bush got blamed for failures in Iraq? Not a word.

When Obama used Bush as a whipping boy, a screen, and a deflection from the criticism of any failure or overreach in his own administration? Not a word.

In the Trump transition, when Obama threw Israel under the bus, and pardoned every Two-Bit thug in the prison system — drug charges, weapons, charges, doesn’t matter? Not a word.

When Obama weaponized the IRS against conservatives? Not a word.

When Obama launched a war without Congressional approval? Not a word.

When Obama used the occasion of those Murdered Dallas Cops to scold us about ‘systemic racism’? Not a word.

When Obama had that hot mic moment with the Russians? Not a word.

When a crime was committed in the illegal unmasking and leaking of information relating to citizens caught in a wiretap? No comment.

But now that there’s a chance to weigh in on Trump?

Suddenly he found his voice. That’s a day late and a dollar short, Dubya. Better luck next time. But thanks for playing.

George WTF Bush.

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