6 Cops Shot, Injured, Hostages Taken In Philadelphia Drug Bust Gone Wrong

Written by Wes Walker on August 15, 2019

Police serving a warrant at 4:30 in the afternoon led to a hostage situation with an hours-long standoff.

NBC Philadelphia was there as a member of the SWAT team shot tear gas into the home on North 15th and Butler streets around midnight. The suspect, identified by police as 36-year-old Maurice Hill of Philadelphia, then walked out of the home and was taken into custody by police. He had a gun on him at the time, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.

…The arrest ended a dramatic, hourslong standoff in which six officers were wounded by gunfire while another was hurt in a crash. Two Philadelphia police officers and three civilians were also trapped inside the row home with the gunman before they were safely evacuated around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

“SWAT was able to successfully extract the two police officers that were trapped upstairs, as well as three prisoners,” Ross said. “They were all taken out safely thus far.”

None of the officers suffered life-threatening injuries, Ross said, adding that at least one officer suffered a graze wound to the head. The officers were all later released from the hospital.

The standoff with the suspect, believed to be heavily armed with weapons including an AK-47, lasted for more than seven hours before he was taken into custody. The commissioner was even at the scene during negotiations, a first-time move Ross called “unorthodox.”
Source: NBC

The gunman waited until his lawyer arrived on the scene before turning himself in, thinking nobody’s going to shoot him dead if his lawyer is present.

The enormous restraint of the police was evident in the fact that when he came out WITH his weapon, he was NOT shot on sight.

Democrats were already chirping about gun laws, but he was a felon who had no lawful right to own one in the first place.

As a felon, Maurice Hill was legally barred from possessing a firearm; in fact, he was previously convicted in federal court of illegally doing just that (being a felon in possession of a firearm). You can read Maurice Hill’s extremely lengthy state criminal history here. Over the years, many criminal charges ended up not being prosecuted by authorities, including firearms offenses and accusations of reckless endangerment.

…“This guy is clearly a criminal…he had apparently a long record. Has been involved in criminal justice before and he was able to get these weapons,” the mayor said, calling the situation “Disgusting.”
Source: Heavy

Predictably, their Mayor displayed his ignorance as he pointed his finger at the NRA. The NRA actually WANTS guns to be taken OUT of the hands of felons and has called out systemic failures, like the ones that SHOULD have disqualified the Southerland Springs killer from ever getting his hands on a firearm.

Maybe a better place to look could be the open disrespect the police are enduring from ALL directions — whether the citizens they are literally taking bullets to protect, like the people that were harassing the Philly cops even as six of their own were being treated for GUNSHOT wounds:

Kamala Harris and Cory Booker — who both painted the cop who was exonerated in the shooting of Michael Brown — rushed to politicize this event even before the hostages had been freed, claiming this was a problem with gun control.

He was a repeat offender who had been charged — among other things — for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Maybe we want to take a closer look at how we handle habitual offenders, especially the ones that have a background of violence.

This is hardly the only time police have been on the short end of the stick while trying to serve and protect.

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