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How Directing Some of Your Giving Into America Might Make a BIG Difference

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DEAR OBAMA: Is #Orlando Just Another Case of Work-Place Violence?

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MUHAMMAD ALI’S DEATH Is Being Used as a Platform to Foment Racial Hostility


TRUMP: For Americans Who Are Mad as HELL and Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore

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Is LIFE In Prison Really A Fair and Just Punishment for Murderers?


Do Obama’s Groupies Worship Him Because of ‘Black for Black’s Sake’?


QUESTION: Should IGNORANT Americans Be Allowed to Vote?

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Is This MAJOR Relief Organization Misusing YOUR Generous Donations?

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Why We Shouldn’t Jump to ANY Conclusions About Scalia’s Cause of Death


Why the ‘Affluenza’ Defense Is a Disgrace 100 Years Ago and Today Too


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These THREE THINGS Define A People — And Islam Is No Exception


Should Ignorant Americans Be Tested In Order To Vote?

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THESE 27 GOVERNORS Are Taking A Stand Against Obama for WE THE PEOPLE

Texas Governor Greg Abbot

TROJAN HORSE TACTICS Are Not Needed For an Islamist Invasion of Europe

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HOUSTON’S LESBIAN MAYOR: Gets Slapped Down By The People In An Epic Way

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CARSON LEADING IN THE POLLS: Is A Bunch Of Horse Crap – Here’s Why

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HONORING THEIR VALOR: Why We Should Have Purple Heart Parking Spaces

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TEXAS EXECUTES COP KILLER: And The Rest of America Should Start Doing The Same

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THIS BLOODY MUSLIM HOLIDAY: Is Being Celebrated Right Here In America

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THE YOUNG TURKS: The Former MSNBC Show’s Muslim Roots And History Exposed

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THE TRUMP APPEAL: Here’s Why the Average American Loves Donald Trump

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RACE BAITERS UNITE: Look Who’s Teaming Up With Louis Farrakhan


SHADES OF GOEBBELS: Facebook and Their Politically Correct Thought Monitors

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STOP THE SLAUGHTER? How About Stop Being Criminals

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