Life, Liberty and Justice for SOME

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Obama’s Milwaukee Strategy: Make it WORSE

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ANOTHER EMAIL SCANDAL: Did Hillary Violate the CFAA This Time?

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Will We Hear the Usual, Leftist Narrative in the Wake of #BatonRouge?

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Did America Get Here By a DELIBERATE Dumbing Down of Our Children?

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How Clinton, Comey & the House Oversight Committee Are a BIG Eye Opener

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Does the Dallas Rampage Indicate It’s Open Season on Cops?

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JAMES COMEY’S Long-Standing and Suspicious Clinton-Connection

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What Would Comey Have Done If Hillary Clinton Were Black?

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THE INTENTION OF INTENT: James Comey’s Excuse for Hillary

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Why Are We STILL Not Allowed to Honestly Discuss Baltimore’s Problems?

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DEAR AMERICA: Do You Believe That Anti-Gun Politicians Are Completely Corrupt?

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Is LIFE In Prison Really A Fair and Just Punishment for Murderers?


Is Hillary’s Campaign DERAILED After the State Department’s FINDINGS?

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DEAR SENSITIVE WHINERS: Without Judgment, Society Collapses

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A List of Things You Can ‘Self-Identify’ As Since ANYTHING Goes Now

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It’s Time for America to MAN UP and Resist Obama’s Bathroom Madness


THE BIG FIX: Obama Reveals WHY Hillary Will Get AWAY With #EmailGate

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This Is What Happens When a Pro-Choicer Fakes a Pro-Life Position

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