COP26 COP-OUT: Pandemic Hypocrisy Of Elites Transforms Into Climate Hypocrisy

Written by K. Walker on November 1, 2021

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It’s time to stop listening to these people and make them live by their own rules.

The problem is that they never abide by their own rules.

During the pandemic, when businesses were shut down, families were separated from loved ones, and travel was extremely difficult, the elites were carrying on as normal.

We’ve seen countless times where Democrats were violating their own public health orders to do the things that the plebs couldn’t do because they’re just so much more important.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught without a mask indoors at a hair salon, Gavin Newsom was spotted maskless celebrating his lobbyist friend’s birthday at a Michelin-star rated restaurant in the Napa Valley, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot got her hair done when hair salons were closed because she’s a public figure and has to maintain her Beetlejuice coiffure, after forcing businesses closed New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham demanded a jewelry store open up so she could pick up some bling, and there are countless other examples.

How many times have you seen videos on social media of maskless Democrats out in public while “the help” are forced to wear masks to serve them?

These are the same people who insist that even people who are “fully vaccinated” — whatever that means when the FDA has approved boosters for a vaccine that has been out less than a year — must continue to do all the things that the unvaxxed have to do like wearing masks and staying six feet apart.

Yet we see that they don’t do it. It’s all just — as Sen. Rand Paul has so succinctly put it — “COVID theater.”

The elites don’t limit their hypocrisy to the handling of what they all claim is a Very Deadly airborne respiratory virus, they do this with everything.

AOC at the Met Gala:

But by far the worst hypocrisy is the way that the elites battle “climate change.” The rich and powerful address the ever-shifting “crisis” that allegedly poses an “existential threat” according to computer models by demanding that individuals reduce their use of fossil fuels. And they do it by bringing a massive entourage via private jet to gather at some swanky conference and talk about how to raise taxes and basically make everyone else’s life hell.

Prince Charles, who appears to be completely oblivious that he is one of the most privileged people on the planet, is very concerned about climate change, and he took his private jet first to Rome for the G20, and then to Glasgow to the COP26 climate summit to say that governments need to be more authoritarian in their push to keep the global temperature from increasing more than 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 100 years.

There’s an easy way to reduce the need for fossil fuels by using nuclear power, but environmentalists don’t like that option, so we’re forced with bird-killing windmills, solar panels that take up land that can be used to grow food, and relying on oil shipments from countries with petrol-based economies who aren’t exactly big fans of freedom… or the United States.

Speaking of the United States, the incoherent babbling fool President was also in Glasgow and babbling foolishness.

They’re telling you not to travel, turn down your heat and A/C, pay more in taxes for “green schemes,” don’t drive your car, don’t have children, live in a pod, and eat bugs.

The correct answer to these suggestions is: “You first.”

These selfish a-holes don’t care if it costs you more money and affects your quality of life because it won’t change their lives one whit.

They’re going to fly on their private jets and meet together once a year to worship at the feet of the mentally fragile young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome who yells at them to make massive changes that would likely kill millions upon millions of poor people around the world. Interestingly, the young, Swedish millionaire doesn’t speak out too much about China’s carbon footprint.

If this was as serious as they say, the COP26 would be held virtually so that 20,000 00 — or some reports 30,000 — people didn’t have to descend like locusts on Glasgow.

These hypocrites couldn’t even fly on a commercial flight in business class let alone coach. They took their private jets.

As if to put a cherry on top of this absolute farce, the owner of WaPo, the paper whose slogan is “Democracy Dies In Darkness”, showed up in his massive private jet after having left Bill Gates’s birthday party celebration in the Mediterranean where guests took helicopters from Gates’s mega-yacht to a private cove in Turkey.

In closing, take a few minutes to listen to Neil Oliver of GB News completely dismantles these elite hypocrite COP26 attendees and how their words mean nothing when their actions are contradictory.

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