Was Hillary Right? Breaking Down Hillary’s ‘Alt-Right’ Speech.

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Welcome To USSA: Dem Voters GLADLY Trade Freedoms For Free SH-T

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SORRY FEMINISTS: Kids Need Parents… Not A Village

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Still ‘Pro-Choice’ After This? Then You Have no Soul


Life, Liberty and Justice for SOME

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MORAL INVERSION: Why Left DESTROYS Christians But WINKS At Terrorists

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Why Trump NEEDS To Win EVEN IF Patriots Have To CARRY Him

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TEAM TRUMP’S RESET: Flip Flop or Savvy Strategy?

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‘Awesome’ Capitalism Is ALWAYS Poisoned When You Add THIS

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Against The JACKASS Party, Is Trump More Of The Same … Or A Solid Option?


GIVE US BARABBAS! American Christianity’s Suicidal Embrace Of Islam

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The GOP is DOA, So Execute ‘Plan B’

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Our Turn to Say ‘BYE-BYE’: John McLaughlin’s Legacy Remembered

Hooked on phonics ahoy!

GROSS: A Real Hero Would NEVER Give This Excuse for Not WInning Gold

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PATRIOTS: Leftists Don’t Care If You Agree… Just SHUT UP And COMPLY

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Tale of Two Trumps — Which One Wants MY Vote?

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HEY AMERICA: Since You HATE The Establishment — Have You Tried THIS?


THIS NEUTERED Democrat’s ‘Definition of Courage’ Will Make You HOWL!


STILL Undecided? ‘I Hate Them Both’ Voters Are Put On BLAST!


Obama’s Milwaukee Strategy: Make it WORSE

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Black Activism Breaks Script… Shawn King is Gonna Be PISSED

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ONE RICH BEGGAR: Crony Capitalist Hits Up Washington

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