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GIVE US BARRABAS! Renouncing Christianity, Embracing Islam

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Against The JACKASS Party, Is Trump More Of The Same … Or A Solid Option?


HEY AMERICA: Since You HATE The Establishment — Have You Tried THIS?


CAPITALISM: The Answer For A ‘Scary Tomorrow’ … It’s SCIENCE!

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The LETHAL ‘Virtue’ That Threatens America … It’s EVERYWHERE!

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Howard “MUSLIM SCHOLAR” Dean Says “Iran Isn’t Islamic”

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Preacher Defends Trump, Misses the BIG PICTURE

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Obama LIES About Guns and Islamic Terrorism — Why Won’t the Media Say This?

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Why America Needs a Whole Lot More Than a New President

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ISLAM IS AT WAR with a Delusional, Suicidal West


Why Is the Left Always Blaming the West for Radical Islamic Terrorism?

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ISLAMIC TERROR Hits Nice, France — The Cote D’Azur Under Attack

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BLACK LIVES MATTER: Committed to Keeping Americans Hating One Another

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AMERICA’S ONLY HOPE: A Prayer for a Nation Divided

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Where Were the Islamic Burkas During America’s Founding?


Is America REALLY Multi-Cultural? This Christian Pastor Says ‘NO’

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The Terrorists Are Already HERE and Americans Are Not Safe


Why ‘One Size Fits All’ Bathrooms Will Never Work In America


How Directing Some of Your Giving Into America Might Make a BIG Difference

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CHRISTIANS AND DONALD TRUMP: Beware of the Snake and His Snake Oil

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What Happens When A ‘Gay’ Muslim Democrat Walks Into a Bar?

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The Liberal Delusion About Islam In the #Orlando Massacre Is STRONG

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TERROR IN ORLANDO — One Week Later, We Cannot Forget