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Check Out What This Nasty CAIR Chick Said About MEMORIAL Day

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PATRIOTS: Are You TICKED That GOP Losers Might Run A 3rd PARTY Candidate?

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Is Bill Clinton an ASSET or a LIABILITY to Hillary?

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HELLO: Look WHO Was At Trump’s Rolling Thunder Rally… No Word From CNN

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AWESOME: Famous “Saluting Marine” SHOCKS Trump During Bike Rally

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Illegal Aliens HATE This Teddy Roosevelt Quote … And For GOOD Reason

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PATRIOTS: Is It ‘RACIST’ To Require Voters Show Their ID Before Voting?

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Obama Just Revealed How BADLY He Wants to Be KING Instead of President

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These Desecrations Prove How UNGRATEFUL Some Really Are On Memorial Day


Is the AMERICAN FLAG Politically Incorrect to Fly on Memorial Day 2016?

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DEAR AMERICA: Who VALUES Our Fallen Soldiers More … Trump Or Hillary?

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Here’s The POS Who Drove THROUGH a Memorial Day Display

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Kid FLOPS Into Gorilla Enclosure … What Happened Next Is HARD To Watch

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VIDEO: What Palin Just Called OBAMA Will Make You SCREAM Like A Bald Eagle

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WATCH: San Diego Cops Open Up A Can Of WHUP Ass On Anti-Trump Thugs

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WATCH: You’ll Shout ‘WTF?’ When You HEAR What This Trump Protester Says

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DEAR MEN: Hillary Thinks This STUPID @SS Ad Will MAKE You Vote For Her

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QUESTION: Are You GLAD Wussy World Leaders Are RATTLED By Trump?

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LMAO: Here’s The HILARIOUS Solution To The TRANS Toilet Debacle (MEME)

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VIRAL PIC: What If Hillary And Kim Jong Un Had A LOVE Child?

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An OPEN Letter to CHRISTIANS Who Are Not Voting For Trump

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Is LIFE In Prison Really A Fair and Just Punishment for Murderers?