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How’d America Wind Up with Such LAWLESS Leaders?

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What Do Donald Trump and Garlic Have in Common?

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Terrorists Try To BLOCK Traffic … One Driver Didn’t Put Up With Their CRAP

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1ST Muslim Miss USA Makes A BOLD Move … Will Islam RETALIATE?

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NC Took a Stand for Women In Bathrooms, Now the DOJ Is Getting SICK Revenge

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Trump CRUSHES the GOP Primary — Will He Now CRUSH Hillary?

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Debunking the White Privilege Myth — And Calling Out the REAL Racists


I LOVE IT: Suicide Bomber Gets WHACKED In One Of The COOLEST Ways Imaginable

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Kid Asks Obama About GUNS…But the Real SHOCKER Is What Happens Next

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ANALYSIS: Here’s Where Ted Cruz Went WRONG

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HOLY COW: Look WHO Trump Might TAG as Attorney General

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WATCH: This BLUE State Loves Trump and HATES Hillary

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PATRIOTS: Should Trump Treat Hillary Like A Lovely Woman Or A Lying Wombat?

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FINALLY: Kasich To SUSPEND His Campaign

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Muslim Woman SUES Cops For Arresting Her, The Reason WILL Tick You Off

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What A Man Did To Store’s Produce Will MAKE You Grow Your Own Veggies

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TRUMP WINS: Every ILLEGAL in the USA Just CRAPPED Their Pants

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Ted Cruz Makes HUGE Announcement — It’s Officially OVER

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