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QUESTION: If You Could Send Obama On One Final Vacation, Where Would It Be?

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DONALD TRUMP Steals Ted Cruz’s Thunder in Iowa

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TRUMP V. CRUZ: It’s Actually About Expediency v. Principle

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TRUMP HATERS: Blinded By The ‘Right’

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PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY: The National Review ‘Picked Our Last Bunch Of Losers’

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This Is the SICKEST Video of a Muslim Threatening a CHILD You Will EVER See

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Is The Establishment Starting to Tilt TOWARDS a Trump Presidency?

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QUESTION: If Cruz Loses and Trump Wins, Will You Vote for Trump?

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GUESS WHO Porn Stars Will Be Voting & Not Voting For In 2016

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Americans and Sheriffs Have Spoken Out — And They Want GUNS

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Will Obama’s Angry Oscar-Snubbed Children Riot At the Award Show?


National Review’s ‘Gang Of 22’ Just Handed Trump The Election

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5 Examples Of ARMED Citizens Stopping Mass Murders…ALL In January 2016

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Did The National Review VIOLATE Their 501(c)3 By BASHING Trump?

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SICK: Watch Muslim Refugee KICK and PUNCH a Woman and Her Child In PUBLIC

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Fox News Just Revealed The Most DAMNING News About Hillary’s Emails YET

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