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Is Hillary Clinton REALLY The Anti-Establishment Democratic Candidate?

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Wicked Video Shows Russia Raining HELL-FIRE Down On Syria

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Beyonce Is Popular Because The U.S. Is Filled With Low Brow Idiots


QUESTION: Do You Suspect Foul Play In The Death Of Justice Scalia?

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Hey America: Why Did You Trade the American Dream for the Venezuelan One?

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What Do These 10 Ridiculously BROKE U.S. Cities All Have in Common?

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This State Is DRUG TESTING Welfare Applicants And Liberals Are HATING It

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FLASHBACK: Was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy an Election Year Nominee?

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QUESTION: Who Will Obama Nominate As Scalia’s Successor?

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Former Daily Show Producer Stoops To NEW Low Regarding Scalia’s DEATH

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SO, SASSY: Lubbock Texas ‘Conservatives’ Endorse Gay Rights Radical

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What The Pentagon Is Doing to Jews, But Not Muslims, Is DESPICABLE

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This Fox News Host Has a Message for All the Trump Haters…And We LOVE It

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