WATCH: Black Student Jumps White Kid Over His MAGA Hat And Trump 2020 Cape

Written by Wes Walker on February 28, 2019

He gave an ultimatum: “Take it off or I’ll Rip it off.” He did. Now they’re headed to court.

If Trump’s MAGA supporters are the ‘threat’ to civil society, why is it always the guy in the MAGA hat on the receiving end of the harassment and violence?

On Monday, a student wore a hat and a Trump 2020 banner to school.

The student wearing the MAGA gear was walking down the hall, minding his own business, and a significantly taller student stood in front of him. When MAGA tried to walk around him, he was blocked by the other student. The big kid in the vest told him to take it off or he would rip it off, and then knocked the hat off his head onto the floor.

The smaller kid kept telling him to chill trying to avoid confrontation.

Someone else tried to intervene and calm the situation. YellowVest didn’t WANT the situation to get calm. He was ‘triggered’.

Kenneth Dewayne Jones, 18, is named on the municipal court summons on an offense of assault and battery. Jones has not been formally charged.

The video shows an 18-year-old African-American male and a white underage male involved in the incident, Edmond Police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon said. The underage student was wearing a red hat stating “Make America Great Again” and wearing a banner as a cape.

“Take it off or I’ll rip it off … do you want me to rip it off?” is heard as the 18-year-old student confronts the underage student in the video conversation, along with other name-calling.

The older male is seen knocking the hat off the younger male. Another student is seen intervening in a nonviolent manner.
Source: Edmond Sun

Ironically, the altercation happened during a fundraiser where students actually PAID a dollar for the RIGHT to be exempted from the school No-hats dress code. Not only was it his right in terms of free expression, the minor student even paid a buck to exercise that right at school.

“How the summons works is that the student who is an adult, who was given the municipal summons, and the parents of the other student in the hat — those parents will have to contact the city attorney’s office within five days,” Wagnon said. “And then both parties will meet with the city attorney and try to work something out. If not, then it’s up to the city attorney to file the assault charges against the student who is an adult.”

School spokeswoman Susan Parks Schlepp said Edmond Public Schools has observed the video. The district refused to release the name of the adult student.

“On the 25th, students were allowed to contribute a dollar to the fundraising cause in exchange for a pass to wear headgear to school, which is typically not allowed in school facilities during the school day,” Schlepp said.
Source: Edmond Sun

We used to joke about ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ being a mental health issue that drives leftists to do crazy things. With every report of people overreacting to the Iconic Red Hat that’s theory is looking more and more plausible.

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No, it isn’t. Just because it’s all-too COMMON for Leftists to get triggered by someone else’s free speech, and freak out or get violent, doesn’t mean it’s NORMAL.

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