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Grand-dad SOURS On Trump… Is He Right Or Ridiculous?

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How We Could Lose the United States Because of a Distracted Citizenry


OBAMAHOMES: Is Government Provided Housing the Next Government Freebie?

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QUESTION: Should We Take Nukes OFF The Table In Defeating ISIS?

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DEAR AMERICA: Don’t Be Angry At Trump Supporters, Be ANGRY With The GOP

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ATLAS SNUBS HILLARY: Ayn Rand Said, ‘I’d Never Vote For A… ‘

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Here’s The HARSH Reality for Those Who Think Border Security Is RACIST

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Jimmy Kimmel Tries To CRUSH Cruz on ObamaCare… WATCH What Happens

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CAT FIGHT: Ann Coulter CLOBBERS Michelle Fields Over #GrabGate

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A List of PHONY Studies The Left Counts on to Advance Their Agenda

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This Is Why The Media Is Loving the Melania vs. Heidi Cat Fight

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The Amount of Immigrants Living In These Six States Will Terrify You

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SHOCKING: Watch What Happens When This Guy Holds a Trump Sign in Public

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TED NUGENT: Posts THIS About Trump On Facebook And MELTS The Internet

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QUESTION: Is It WISE For Male Politicians To Directly Work With HOT Women?

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WATCH: Did Cruz Just LIFT Lines from THIS Movie?

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The Only Way We Can DESTROY Jihadis Without Firing ONE Shot

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These University Students Got a Taste of REALITY…And Could NOT Handle It

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