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QUESTION: Did Today’s LOVE FEST Between Barack & Hillary Make You PUKE?

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How Much Longer Will Hillary Be SHIELDED from Any True Consequences?

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Why Politically Correct July 4th Celebrations Are Not What America Is About

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Why Gun Owners Need to Get Past the Bling and Get Trained

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This Arrogant Anti-Brexit Writer Makes His Elitist Feelings Known

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DAMN: Here’s What YEARS Of Hillary Will Do To YOU! (Take Note America)

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SO CORRUPT: Guess WHO Hillary’s Attorney General Will Be IF She Wins?

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BOURNE STUPID: Matt Damon Is SUCH A Matt Damon When It Comes To GUNS

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QUESTION: Are You PROUD To Be American? Because These Jackasses AREN’T

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YO, ISIS: Meet ‘The Hulk’ … He’s Out To JACK You Up

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PATRIOTS: Is America Truly a GREAT Nation?

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The War on American History Brought to You by Higher Education

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Why ‘One Size Fits All’ Bathrooms Will Never Work In America


DEAR AMERICA: What’s Full Of MORE Crap … Hillary Or This Baby’s Diaper?

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HILARIOUS: Gun’s Don’t KILL People, Clintons Kill People

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Are Black Conservatives Running for Office the Left’s BIGGEST Nightmare?

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Why Independence Day In America Is the MOST Unique Holiday In the World

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Democrats Are Demanding Incivility — So Let’s GIVE It to Them!

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