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WATCH: San Diego Cops Open Up A Can Of WHUP Ass On Anti-Trump Thugs

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DEAR MEN: Hillary Thinks This STUPID @SS Ad Will MAKE You Vote For Her

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QUESTION: Are You GLAD Wussy World Leaders Are RATTLED By Trump?

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LMAO: Here’s The HILARIOUS Solution To The TRANS Toilet Debacle (MEME)

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VIRAL PIC: What If Hillary And Kim Jong Un Had A LOVE Child?

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An OPEN Letter to CHRISTIANS Who Are Not Voting For Trump

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Is LIFE In Prison Really A Fair and Just Punishment for Murderers?


SPLAT: Watch ISIS Dipstick Try To Run From A BULLET (VIDEO)

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THUG Thinks Veteran In Wheelchair Is An Easy Hit – Little Did He Know

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REPORT: Blacks Are Being FORCED Out Of Austin … Liberals Are Crying FOUL

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OMG: Cops KILL Disabled Man … Was It Justified Or Was It Abuse?

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How Morley Safer’s Passing Paints a Cautionary Picture for ALL of Us


BLACK-ON-WHITE CRIME Continues to Be a Problem — But Now In THIS Country


DEAR PATRIOTS: Are You OK With RADICAL Muslims Educating YOUR Kids?

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CLASH POLL: Who Will WIN The Trump V. Sanders DEBATE?

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YES: Here’s WHAT To Tell Liberals Who LOATHE The “Successful”

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Is Hillary’s Campaign DERAILED After the State Department’s FINDINGS?

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