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FINALLY: Kasich To SUSPEND His Campaign

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Muslim Woman SUES Cops For Arresting Her, The Reason WILL Tick You Off

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What A Man Did To Store’s Produce Will MAKE You Grow Your Own Veggies

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TRUMP WINS: Every ILLEGAL in the USA Just CRAPPED Their Pants

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Ted Cruz Makes HUGE Announcement — It’s Officially OVER

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Navy SEAL Killed by ISIS…But Obama’s Reaction To It Is DISGUSTING

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How Scandals Bounce Off of Hillary and Land on Donald Trump

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QUESTION: What Would YOU Do If Muslims Attacked You For Drinking BEER?

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DEAR PARENTS: If YOUR Child Needs THIS You Have FAILED As A Parent

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WATCH: Cruz TRYING To Hold Carly’s Hand Will Haunt You To The GRAVE

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The REALITY About What Socialism Brings — And It Isn’t a Utopia

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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SAVIOR: Jesus the ‘Intolerant Bigot’


This Little Man SHOT Intruder, Should He Be Punished Or Praised?

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DEAR AMERICA: Should Cruz Call It QUITS If He Loses In Indiana Tomorrow?

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FOX News Just Got Some Very BAD News And It’s All Because Of…

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WATCH: Shopper Confronts Pervert Known For PREYING On The Ladies

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This Conservative Activist Is Stumping for Cruz in Indiana

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WATCH: Little Punks SCREAM ‘F*ck You… F*ck Trump’ To Trump Supporters

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