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House Passes The “Audit The Fed” Bill. You Can Thank Ron Paul For That!

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Stop Spinning the Gun Issue, Bill O’Reilly

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USPS & Aurora Murder Connection: Are We Going To Ban The Post Office Now?

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WTH: Murderers Are So Hot?!

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UN Gun Ban BS

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Hope & Gay Porn: Obama Thanks Gay Porn Mogul For Campaign Cash

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Mr. President: You ARE Commander-in-Chief – Remember?

Standing Businessman with fingers crossed behind back

An Individual Mandate For the Rest of Us


Gun Control: Stats and Stupidity


best bar joke ever

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Dating advice From 1944! Pay Attention Boys

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Hotel Replaces Bibles with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

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$26K of Our Tax Dollars Went to Aurora Mass Murderer

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Sheila Jackson Lee Wants A Powwow With NRA Over Ammo Sales

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Romney Runs Roughshod Over Obama in Latest Poll


Romney’s Profits and Clinton’s Boom


I’ll Give Up My Gun When Everyone Else Does

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SHOCKER: Rocket Man Elton John Gives Props to G.W.Bush

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Mexican President: U.S. Gun Laws Are “Mistaken”


The Jewish Vote of Florida Might Be the Game Changer!

The Jewish vote

Seven Habits of a Government Sponge: Embrace Hoplessness!

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The Dark Knight Movie Massacre & Why I Carry a Gun Everywhere I Go

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