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Why America Needs a Whole Lot More Than a New President

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My Apology Letter to This Liberal White Boy’s ‘Handicap’

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WATCH: Protester Lights HIMSELF On Fire Trying To Burn American Flag (VIRAL)

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DEAR AMERICA: Was Cruz An ASS Or An ASSET Last Night At The RNC?

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PATRIOTS: Did Cruz HELP Hillary? Check Out What She JUST Tweeted

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WOW: Sarah Palin BLASTS Ted Cruz, Posts A BRUTAL Anti-Cruz Video

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WATCH: U.S. Airstrikes BLAST Five ISIS Targets Into SMITHEREENS

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WOW: Ivanka LOSES Her Sh*t During Cruz’s Speech

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Those Who Believe America Was ‘Never Great’ Will HATE This Truth Bomb

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Will The Summer Of 2016 Go Down In History As ‘The Summer Of Blood’?

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If You Believe In Your Right to Privacy, You Will LOVE This Victory

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Has Hillary Started to Actually Believe Her Own Lies?

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DEAR TRUMP HATERS: If Trump Is ‘Evil’ Then WHY Are His Kids So AWESOME?

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BREAKING: Cruz Speech At The RNC Has Many FURIOUS… What Do YOU Think?

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Famous Liberal Gives TEN Reasons Why Trump Can CRUSH Hillary and Win BIG Time

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When Firefighters Flew Flag to HONOR Police, This Immediately Happened

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PATRIOTS: Do You Like THIS New Definition of Black Lives Matter Better?

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ISLAM IS AT WAR with a Delusional, Suicidal West


Why Mike Pence Is The Perfect Running Mate for Trump

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Why Is the Left Always Blaming the West for Radical Islamic Terrorism?

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Should Black Americans Make Their Own Nation Within America?

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HILARIOUS: One Thing’s For CERTAIN — Michelle Could NEVER Plagiarize THIS

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WOW: Tiffany Trump WON The Crowd’s Heart With THIS One Line

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PATRIOTS: Ben Carson Linked Hillary To LUCIFER – Is He RIGHT, Or What?

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