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QUESTION: Who Represents American Women BEST – Ivanka, Hillary Or Michelle?

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DEAR CNN: We DARE You To Show THIS Picture Of The Police

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WATCH: Liberal Talk Show Host LOSES His SH*T At Republican Convention

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DISGUSTING: Cop HATING Democrats To EXCLUDE This Group At Convention

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Why BLACK LIVES Don’t Matter to Socialists

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Is The Media LYING by Omission Concerning the Killing of Police Officers?


QUESTION: Did Trump USE Cruz to Pull Off Unity?

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WATCH: Ann Coulter Just Called Cruz, ‘A Little Bitch’ … Do YOU Agree?

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#BlackLivesMatter Is Being SUED — You Will LOVE Who Is Behind It

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GUESS How Much Money Hillary Raised from Lobbyists Compared to Trump

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Why America Needs a Whole Lot More Than a New President

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My Apology Letter to This Liberal White Boy’s ‘Handicap’

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WATCH: Protester Lights HIMSELF On Fire Trying To Burn American Flag (VIRAL)

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DEAR AMERICA: Was Cruz An ASS Or An ASSET Last Night At The RNC?

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PATRIOTS: Did Cruz HELP Hillary? Check Out What She JUST Tweeted

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WOW: Sarah Palin BLASTS Ted Cruz, Posts A BRUTAL Anti-Cruz Video

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WATCH: U.S. Airstrikes BLAST Five ISIS Targets Into SMITHEREENS

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WOW: Ivanka LOSES Her Sh*t During Cruz’s Speech

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Those Who Believe America Was ‘Never Great’ Will HATE This Truth Bomb

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Will The Summer Of 2016 Go Down In History As ‘The Summer Of Blood’?

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If You Believe In Your Right to Privacy, You Will LOVE This Victory

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