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Have Republicans Destroyed Their Own Party?

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QUESTION: Was America GREATER During WWII and with General Patton?


BREAKING: Look WHO The Captain Of EgyptAir Was ‘FRIENDS’ With …

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WATCH: Anti-Trump PUNK Gets Shut DOWN By Rowdy Grandpa

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WATCH: Cop Pulls THUG Over And Then All HELL Breaks Loose (GRAPHIC)

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LMAO: Trump RE-BRANDS Hillary … Do YOU Like Her New Name?

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This Wicked Meme EXPOSES The “White Privilege” Yappers

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QUESTION: If Ivanka’s FAIR Game … Is Chelsea?

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WTF: Man SHOCKED At 4 REVOLTING Words On Home Depot Clerk’s Cap

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Will Trump’s List of SCOTUS Choices Satisfy Conservative Detractors?


A List of Things You Can ‘Self-Identify’ As Since ANYTHING Goes Now

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WATCH: Liberal Chick, ‘The STATE Is My Shepherd, I Shall NOT Want’

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AHAHAHA: Look At What #Hillary Said Re: Trump’s RAPE Comments About BILL

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NO ONE LIKES HILLARY: This NEW Poll Will NOT Please The Hildebeest

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DEAR HILLARY: Trump Just Called Bill A RAPIST … How Will You REBUT That?

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WATCH: Liberals NORMALIZE & EMPATHIZE With This Pedophile

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PATRIOTS: Would YOU Allow A Terrorist To Hijack The Plane You’re In?

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