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DEAR PATRIOTS: Are You OK With RADICAL Muslims Educating YOUR Kids?

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DEAR CHRISTIAN: Check Out WHO Obama Appointed For FAITH Based Partnerships

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You’ll FREAK When You See Where THIS Public School Is Giving $471K To

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Obama Steps In to the Bathroom Bill Debate to Make UNBELIEVABLE Demand

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What Obama Told a Group of BLACK Graduates Will Make Every Patriot SCREAM

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The DOJ Just SCREWED Benghazi Victims In FAVOR Of These People

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FOX News Just Got Some Very BAD News And It’s All Because Of…

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DEAR AMERICA: Does Being White and Attractive OPPRESS Minorities?

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WATCH: Did Hillary Shamelessly BREAK The Law (Again) In PUBLIC?

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SANDERS SAYS: He Wants to Do What 100% of DICTATORS Have ALL Done

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CAIR Is Covering Up This DISTURBING New Poll from Muslims

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Obama Uses The RACE Card to INTIMIDATE Property Owners Into Renting To…

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Transgender BULLIES Are Losing Their MINDS Over This New Common Sense Law

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The Amount of Immigrants Living In These Six States Will Terrify You

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Guess What JOB the Brussels Terrorist Had PRIOR to Waging Jihad?

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WHINERS: Students Cry Their ‘SAFE SPACE’ Was Violated By Trump SLOGAN

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Hey, Blue Collar Peeps: Hillary Just Took A MAJOR Dump On YOU

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